About Us



Our Mission:

To give people the gift of time for themselves or with family and not have to spend their weekends doing their own cleaning.

I started Executive Cleaning in September of 1985 soon after I’d gone into real estate. I quickly decided that I’d rather clean houses than sell them. I had found something that I really enjoyed and loved doing. Soon after I was having to turn down clients due to having no room on my schedule. So I started hiring and training ladies to help me out. Then, in 1991, I saw a need for our clients that their windows/gutters/ etc. needed cleaning. They needed handiwork done, painting, etc. What a great idea to get Paul involved! Hence the name change to Executive House Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Inc.

We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. And also members of the Better Business Bureau.

Looking forward to serving you.


Debbie Nikolaus, Owner